SOUL Values

Verdon has SOUL is a school-wide initiative to address problem behaviour through creating an inclusive, safe and resilient environment. In order for it to be successful, it relies on transparency, fairness and most importantly consistency.

Opportunities for positive behaviour and creating an environment that is conducive for learning and achievement increase when:

  • The school environment is positive and supportive

  • Expectations are consistent and clear

  • Students are taught expected behaviour

  • Students are consistently acknowledged for expected behaviour

  • Students are responded to equitably and fairly

Over a three-to-five-year implementation period, schools aim to implement the following important strategies:

  • Gather information about behaviour

  • Identify and set behaviour expectations

  • Teach behaviour in the same way as other curriculum subjects

  • Establish systems for recognising and acknowledging expected behaviour

  • Establish systems for responding to inappropriate behaviour

What are the ideal behaviours that we want at Verdon College?

As a staff, we came up with the ideal behaviours that we would like to see at the College. We did this using our developed acronym of SOUL to develop a behaviour matrix. This matrix outlines the desired behaviours that we would like to see in different settings at Verdon College. The reason for this matrix is to make it clear to both staff and students the expectations both in and out of class. It gives staff and students consistent language that can be used to reinforce positive behaviours and address undesirable behaviours. These Matrices are displayed as a reference point in every classroom.