Verdon College Fees and Charges

Attendance Dues

Becoming part of the Verdon College community means means contribution to our community through our Attendance Dues. These are set by the Proprietor, the Catholic Bishop of Dunedin, and are collected by the Diocese for the upkeep of the College buildings.

The current fees are:
                $480 per year, per student incl. GST for Year 7 & 8 Students
                                          $930 per year, per student incl. GST for Year 9 - 13 Students                           

There is a small discount for the second or subsequent child in each family who attends the College. These dues are invoiced from the Catholic  Pastoral Centre in Dunedin during Term One and should be paid to them. Automatic payment forms are available on request from the Main Office or when enrolling your child, and are sent out with the bill. Cheques should be made payable to Catholic Attendance Dues. All new parents are asked to complete the attendance dues form prior to enrolling at the college and agree to the conditions.

Requests for a reduction in fees where there is a genuine financial difficulty can be made to the parish priest at the time of enrolment or while the dues are still current and before they become overdue.  The contact phone number is 03 474 1994, email fees

The school is part of the Government donations scheme and therefore we do not charge any subject fees. That means that every compulsory trip or class activities comes with no cost. Subjects that use materials in practical subject such as Foods and School Camps are provided on the basis of parents paying the donations, without this donation we are unlikely to be able to run camps. If assistance with camp cost or equipment for camp is needed, you can contact the school Guidance Councillor. Students involvement in sports and cultural activities out side of the classroom will have cost involved. The college tries to limit cost through provision of uniforms and equipment. These cost will be charged to school accounts