Special Character

Our Mission Statement

Verdon College is a Catholic learning community where excellence is fostered and gospel values guide success. Verdon College is an integrated Catholic College. Our Special Catholic Character is also based on the  traditions of our founding orders the Marist brothers and Dominican sisters. Our College values are  based on the combined values and traditions of these two orders. These values provide students and staff with the foundations to create a positive supportive learning community. Because our community is based on the Catholic faith it is an inclusive community. Many of our students come from a diverse range of backgrounds and religious denominations.  All members are able to positively participate in and contribute to our community in meaningful ways.

Through our Religious Education programmes students build a personal understanding of who they are within today’s society, developing values and morals that assist in guiding them in their lives towards being successful, well-rounded, young men and women. Our Religious Education programmes in Years 11-13 also contribute to NCEA qualifications and future tertiary study.

Our Values

Truth - Living in a genuine and honest way

Presence - Being there for others in our community

Passion for work - Enjoying the fruits of our hard work

In the way of Mary - Living our lives in the example of Mary

Passion for work - Enjoying the fruits of our hard work

Family Spirit and Community - Contributing as family and community members

Diligent study - Striving to achieve to our full potential

Simplicity - Focusing on what is important in our lives

Witness - Living our lives as examples of our values

Prayer - Expressing our faith through spiritual practice, living our lives as examples of our values

School Chaplain

Fr Gerard Aynsley is our parish priest and Fr Gerard Aynsley is our school chaplain. They can be contacted by phoning 03 218 4123 or email basilica.invercargill@gmail.com.