Board of Trustees

Presiding Member
  • Proprietor's Representative

  • Katie Eaton

    Parent Representative

  • Proprietor's Representative

  • Sara Henry

    Parent Representative

  • Nathan Bergin

    Parent Representative

  • Sarah Wouda

    Staff Representative

  • Kobi Goodmanson

    Student Representative

  • Father Gerard Aynsley

    Proprietor's Representative

  • Tim Ward

    Proprietor's Representative

  • Jarlath Kelly


The fundamental purpose and role of the Board of Trustees is to provide governance of the College. The governance responsibilities include matters such as:

  • Developing, approving, and implementing the Charter of the College (this is the equivalent of a strategic plan)

  • Monitoring achievements against the Charter and other goals that have been set

  • Curriculum management

  • Finance and property management

  • Policies and procedures setting and reviewing

  • Health and safety management

  • Employment of the staff of the College

Being a Catholic integrated school, the Board has an additional responsibility to that of State schools, and that is to protect the special character of the Proprietor. In our case, the Proprietor is the Most Reverend Michael Dooley, Bishop of the Diocese of Dunedin.

The Board comprises up to 5 parent-elected members, the Principal of the College, a staff representative, and a student representative. The staff and student representatives are elected by their peers. This is the standard composition of any Board of Trustees of a school in New Zealand. However, unlike State schools, in addition to the standard composition, the Proprietor is able to appoint up to 4 members. The student representative is elected annually. The parent and staff representatives are elected on a three yearly cycle. The Proprietor generally appoints his representatives for terms that match the parent and staff elected terms.

Diversity of thought, experiences, and backgrounds are essential components for the vitality and vibrancy of all Boards. People are encouraged to consider making themselves available when the triennial elections are to be held. Supporting our College through the Board’s governance role can be a truly enlightening experience about the successes and achievements of our College’ community, and appreciating, and dealing with, some of the challenges that occur from time-to-time.