Student Leaders

Head Students

Kobi Goodmanson

Head Boy

Hello, I’m Kobi and I am Verdon College’s Head Boy for 2024. Verdon College has given me opportunities to thrive and achieve at the highest level. I’ve been able to represent Verdon in a variety of sports over my years which has taught me how to work in a team environment. I’ve created unforgettable memories, with friends that I hope to know for the rest of my life. When I think of Verdon, I think of character from the teachers to the students to even the office staff. Verdon has character, and that’s what makes us different from everyone else. When it all comes down to it, I'm proud to say I went to Verdon College.

Keira McCabe

Head Girl

My name is Keira McCabe and I am lucky enough to have been named head girl for 2024. Throughout my time at Verdon College I have been grateful for the countless opportunities and lessons in teamwork I've received. Our school's supportive structure, compassionate student body and dedicated staff create a nuturing environment where students are encouraged to thrive and reach their full potential. Through cultural, drama and sports events, students embrace self-expressions and belonging which create a sense of community. Furthermore I am looking forward to working with our top 6 crew and seeing what this year has in store. As a wise man once said "don't forget to kiss the cat goodnight before you go to bed" - Brother Oz

Deputy Head Students

Luke Reynolds

Deputy Head Boy

My name is Luke Reynold and I'm Deputy Head Boy at Verdon College. It has been an honour and a privilege to represent the School these past year and I can't wait to bring positive energy and carry on the great culture we already have. The teachers always make sure we are striving for excellence and supporting us in every way imaginable. I have been lucky enough to be in some great sports teams throughout my time at Verdon and I am looking forward to helping the boys win it all this year.

Jacabeth Bartlett-McBride

Deputy Head Girl

Verdon College has become a place I can call home. The community has created a sense of belonging and has always remained welcoming. I'm proud to say I am a student of Verdon College and I'm even prouder to say I am the Deputy Head Girl of 2024! Hi, I am Jacabeth Bartlett-McBride.
During my time at Verdon College, I have been offered many opportunities. My love for sports has grown year by year as I play hard and have fun alongside my peers. I am forever grateful that Verdon allowed me to play football, basketball and volleyball. This ignited a love and passion in me for sports. Such opportunities have helped me gain essential skills that will help me in life.
I'm forever grateful for the Verdon College community. My attendance at Verdon has moulded me into who I am today, and for that, I will never forget my time here.

Special Character Prefects

Daniel Meulenbroek

Special Character Prefect

Flipping patties and turning sausies on the school bbq not only granted me life skills but it gave me a good feed for lunch. Hi I’m Daniel Meulenbroek and a proud Special Character (and grill master) at Verdon College. Through my time at Verdon I’ve participated in multiple sporting and voluntary opportunities. In particular through Duke of Ed and tramping to some glorious places, which has also sparked my passion for the outdoors. The friends I've made along the way will never be forgotten and to say I’m proud to be a VC student is an understatement. Let 2024 bring good vibes and great pies.

Olivia McCabe

Special Character Prefect

Hello, my name is Olivia and I'm proud to be one of the Special Character prefects at Verdon College for 2024. Throughout my years at Verdon, I have been provided with countless opportunities to excel, grow, and challenge myself through different sporting, cultural and academic areas with the support of the awesome staff and student body. Verdon Fosters an environment that encourages inclusivity and collaboration. Our house events are one of my favourite things about Verdon since they provide a space where everyone can participate and have a good time while uplifting our Special Character. Up Marian!! Lastly, I am looking forward to what this year will bring especially with the leadership team by my side.