Student Leaders

Head Students

Christian Sotto

Head Boy

Hey all, Christian here. Verdon College is a school that I have enrolled in for the past 7 years and I would not go anywhere else. The people surrounding me are well-mannered and respectful; while also being full of drive and motivation to achieve their goals. The school fully realises its Catholic values; with friendly, yet firm teachers and a great work environment.

Mya Kairau

Head Girl

Tēnā Koutou! Ko Mya Kairau tōku ingoa. I am the proud Head Girl of Verdon College for 2022. Verdon has always been a place where I can unapologetically be me. Being a proud wahine Maori - Verdon has opened multiple doors for me to perform, speak and lead on all national, regional and local platforms. This is where I can confidently speak on the concrete foundation of support and opportunities that Verdon has to offer and has presented to me. I am a person who constantly wants to flourish, and it is easy to see why it is entirely possible here at Verdon College. Realising the success that each teacher and staff member want for you is something I will forever be grateful for. “It takes a village to raise a child”.

Deputy Head Students

Max King

Deputy Head Boy

Hi, I’m Max and I’m your Deputy Head Boy for 2022. Since I started here in 2016 I’ve been lucky enough to represent the school in many different sports and cultural events. These opportunities that Verdon College provides have allowed me to grow into the person I am today. Verdon has given me some great mates and even better memories.

Michaela Leadley

Deputy Head Girl

Hey there, I’m Michaela Leadley, the Deputy Head Girl of Verdon College for 2022. Ever since I first started here at the College, I have been lucky enough to fully immerse myself in the things I love. Music, Drama and the Performing Arts are a huge part of my life, and at Verdon I have been able to make so many new friends while doing these things that are important to me. With the support of my teachers and peers, I have been able to put myself out there and get involved with things that are outside of my comfort zone and become who I am today.

Special Character Prefects

Trelise Edwards

Special Character Prefect

Ko Trelise Edwards tōku ingoa, I have attended Verdon College since Year 7 and have been given the role of Special Character prefect for 2022. A huge part of my life is sport, and Verdon has offered many opportunities to compete and play for a range of different codes such as rugby, basketball, netball and touch. Throughout my time here at Verdon, I have made lifelong friendships and been given unconditional support from my teachers and peers, enabling me to succeed and grow as an individual.

Princess Gabriel

Special Character Prefect

Kumusta! I’m Princess Gabriel and I am Verdon College’s Special Character Prefect for 2022. As a first-generation filipina, it has been my privilege to carry my family’s culture and values through out my time here at Verdon. This college has provided me with a comfortable environment with sharing my culture and who I am as a person. From playing sports like netball, volleyball and basketball to performing on stage to represent other peoples cultures other than my own, I have come out of my shell comparing myself from when I first came to Verdon College in 2016. I look forward to all my future endeavors and give my uttermost appreciation to the Verdon College community.